Can I sign forms electronically?

We take the security of your account seriously. For this reason, we do accept electronic signatures, but only when you have first chosen to enroll by completing our authorization form with your signature verified by a notary. Once we have accepted the completed authorization form enrolling you in our e-signature program, let us know when you wish to make a change to your contract, such as a direct deposit change, beneficiary change, address change, or name change by calling 402-916-3100 or emailing We will then send you the appropriate change request form(s) using two-factor authentication for you to complete on your computer or mobile device.

Please note that electronic signatures will only be accepted if initiated by us using two-factor authentication.

Can I designate or change the beneficiary who will receive payments after I die?

Generally, the settlement agreement will dictate whether you have the right to designate or change the beneficiary who will receive payments after you die. If the settlement agreement allows you to designate or change the beneficiary, you may request a beneficiary change by submitting a signed request in writing to the Annuity Owner. For convenience, you can find a Beneficiary Designation or Change Request Form below. If payments are currently made to you and another person jointly, both persons will need to sign the beneficiary change request.

If the settlement agreement allows you to name a beneficiary, but you have not done so, in most circumstances, your beneficiary will be your estate. When the estate is designated as beneficiary, this will require estate administration and probate proceedings in a probate court, possibly delaying distribution to beneficiaries of your estate. However, if the settlement agreement allows, you can name specific beneficiaries in order to avoid probate-related delays. If you are unsure who should be designated as beneficiary in your particular circumstances, we encourage you to seek professional advice.

What payment options are available to me, and when will my payment be sent?

You may elect to receive payments by check or electronic funds transfer (“direct deposit”) into your bank account. If you receive payments by check, we will mail your payment four (4) days prior to its due date.

If you desire payment by direct deposit, you and any joint holder of your bank account, must complete sections A through C of a Direct Deposit Authorization Form, and then provide the documentation of the names and account number as noted in Section D. We electronically transfer funds to your account on the payment due date or the last business day before the due date, if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday.

What if I need to update my address or bank account information?

You can easily update your address or bank account information with us. All address change requests must be sent to us in writing and include the signature of the Payee or Payee’s legal guardian.

If you change banks or want your payments directly deposited into a different account at the same bank, please submit a new Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Can I get my payments sooner or “cash in” my structured settlement?

When you, or someone on your behalf, settled your case in exchange for future periodic payments, the settlement was designed to fit your particular needs. And, by settling for future periodic payments, you gave up certain rights, namely, the right to receive immediate cash or change the date or amount of those payments. Therefore, under the terms of your structured settlement, you cannot change the payment amounts, dates or obtain immediate cash from the structured settlement.

If you are experiencing an unexpected financial hardship, please contact us as we may be able to provide assistance through our Hardship Exchange Program.

Will I receive any annual tax reporting documents for my structured settlement payments?

In most cases, structured settlement payments arising from personal physical injury or worker’s compensation are not taxable, and we will not send you any annual tax reporting documents. However, if you are receiving structured settlement payments for a reason other than a personal physical injury or worker’s compensation, we will annually report the income to you on a Form 1099-MISC. If you are unsure of the tax status of your payments and would like to know what your settlement documents say, contact us.

What if I have not received a payment?

If you do not receive a check sent by mail within four (4) business days following the due date, contact us. After we hear from you and upon verification that such check was not previously negotiated, we will promptly issue and mail, by First Class mail, a replacement check. To avoid any disruption to your payments, it is important to keep us informed of your current address.

If you have closed the account to which your direct deposit payments had previously been electronically deposited, the electronic transfer may have failed. Please contact us if this occurs, and, after verification that the funds have not been deposited, you can complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization Form to have the funds electronically deposited, or request issuance of a paper check to your current address on file.

I have seen advertisements that say it would be a good idea to sell my structured settlement payments. Is this true?

You made a great decision when you structured a portion of your settlement proceeds as periodic payments. Your structured settlement payments benefit you in several ways, and you should be extremely cautious of advertisements or people urging you to sell your payments. For more information, we encourage you to read the warning issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about selling future structured settlement payments in exchange for a lump sum.

CFPB Factoring Notice

What is the interest rate at which my payments grow?

The total amount of payments you are scheduled to receive is greater than the premium the defendant or the defendant’s insurer paid to fund your structured settlement, meaning that your structured settlement payments do include an element of interest. However, your structured settlement is not a deposit account growing with interest. The schedule of payments you will receive is listed on your copy of the contract/agreement and does not change.

Since the proceeds from the settlement of a personal physical injury or worker's compensation claim are generally free of income tax, one of the benefits of a structured settlement is that the interest included in each payment is also free of income tax. In contrast, interest earned on settlement proceeds that you invest yourself would generally be subject to income tax.

How do I get a copy of my contract or settlement documents or verify the payments that I will receive?

For the protection of our Payees, all requests for benefit information or copies of documents must be submitted in writing and must be signed by the Payee or Payee’s legal guardian.

Will I get a yearly statement that shows what payments I will receive or how much interest has accrued throughout the year?

The payments you will receive are listed on your copy of the contract/agreement and settlement documents. The payments do not change; therefore, we do not send an annual statement.

What should I do if I know a payee has died?

If you know a payee has died, you should promptly notify us. If any remaining payments are scheduled to be paid, we will contact the persons or entity that is entitled to receive the remaining certain payments. If you can provide us a copy of the death certificate, it will help us more quickly get payments to the proper beneficiaries. A copy of a certified death certificate will be required before processing the change.

How do I change the amount of taxes withheld if my structured settlement payments are taxable?

If you are receiving taxable structured settlement payments and would like to have federal income taxes withheld or change the withholding amount, please complete and submit a Form W-4P. Form W-4Ps are sent annually once payments have begun.

Current W-4P

How do I change my name?

All name changes must be submitted in writing. All changes must include the signature of the Payee or Payee’s legal guardian. All name changes require legal documentation which supports the change (such as marriage license, adoption papers, etc.).

What are your business hours?

Our regular business hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Central Time, Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays.

How do I contact you?

Please click here for our contact information.